Bio / Bio technical depatmentBio depatment
3 years
Bio technical depatment
2 years

Learn Biology for human and the nature’s better future!

We provide thorough guidance from the basics in order to develop biotechnologists who can contribute to the society.
The curriculum, which allows you to learn step by step according to the degree of knowledge acquisition,
will be taught by university researchers and those who have experience in pharmaceutical research institutes,
so that students can acquire practical skills.

Bio depatment 3-year curriculum

Three years are divided into four stages, and knowledge and skills are acquired step by step. Even people who have never studied subjects in science can also catch up.

Bio technical depatment 2-year curriculum

Two years are divided into three stages, knowledge from the basics to applications can be learned.
Acquire useful knowledge and technology efficiently within two years, and become immediate force in the field.

5 reasons to choose us

  • POINT 01

    Instructed by teachers who have professional background at pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutes, so that students can acquire practical skills.

  • POINT 02

    We have the latest facilities and equipment, such as advanced microscope!

  • POINT 03

    The curriculum focuses on experiment and practice, study from the basic step by step.

  • POINT 04

    Cooperative pipe with bio industry supports our employment performance.

  • POINT 05

    Those who have graduated from universities or
    colleges can transfer directly to the second year.

Course introduction

  • Pharmaceutical field

  • Cell culture field

  • Environment field

  • Cosmetics field

  • Food products field

  • Clinical testing field

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