Japanese culture course1 year

This course provides foreign students who want to enter a Japanese university,
graduate school or vocational school with the necessary linguistic ability
to enable them to pass the entrance exam of such schools.
Small class sizes with our close and detailed guidance make course content easy to understand.

Exam Preparation

  • POINT 01

    For those who aiming at going to Japanese universities, extra guidance by professional teachers is available. We offer plenty of information, as well as one-on-one support.

  • POINT 02

    Veteran teacher who has made hundreds of students pass various upper class universities for 18 years supports the students with careful tutorial.

  • POINT 03

    We offer chances for correspondence students to take the same classes as Japanese students in certain subjects across other courses (bio, medical processing, medical welfare psychology) (tuition fee is free)

  • POINT 04

    In homelike atmosphere, there are many classes to learn Japanese culture as well as exam test preparation.

  • POINT 05

    In all the school events, foreign students and Japanese students enjoy together to take part in. Daily communications with Japanese students are good experience for the future, too.


  1. 01

    Anytime study - You can ask any questions to our full-time teachers. We have library and breakout spaces for students too.

  2. 02

    Good Location – Located in quiet residential area.Just 1 min walk from the nearest station.

  3. 03

    Very close to the downtown area, Shinsaibashi and Namba.

By deep exchanges with Japanese students, foreign students can establish the platform to be a cultural go-between of home country and Japan and improve the Japanese language skill. And they will take a big step towards the future.

Curriculum Examples

You can enjoy the time with Japanese students in other courses
as a part of curriculum through sports and school events.

Sample Curriculum Plan

Required subjects
Japanese Hearing
EJU Preparation Japan affairs
EJU Preparation Social Sciences: General, Math Ⅰ
Sciences: Physics/ Biology ,Chemistry, Math Ⅱ
English TOEFL
Japan Culture Research
Japanese Culture Logic
Audit Classes Business Manner
Beauty Care (Make up/Nail)
English Conversation

※Subject of Audit Classes may change every year.

Sample Class Schedule

Slide aside

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 Japan Culture Research
Physics/ Biology
Essay Hearing ★General Vocabulry Seminar・Interview
3 EJU Preparation
4 Japan Culture Research ★Math Reading Grammar ★General ★English
6 Beauty Care

… Audit Classes … EJU Preparation ★… Optional

Higher Education Graduate’s records

Graduate School (Including Research Students)
Osaka University, Kanazawa University, Osaka City University, Kansai University, Otemon Gakuin University, St. Andrew’s University and so on
University (Undergraduate)
Osaka Prefecture University, Kansai University, Doshisha University, Titsumeikan University, Matsumoto Dental University, Ryukoku University, Setsunan University, Otemon Gakuin University, St. Andrew’s University, Kyoto Seika University, Osaka Sangyo University, Hagoromo University, University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences and so on
Vocational school
Honda Technical College Kansai, Kansai Social Welfare Training College, Osaka Designer’s College and so on